These are questions I get most often! Please email leanlifecleanlife@gmail.com for any additional questions!

I don’t like lifting weights- can I just do cardio to lose weight?
Unless you’re an endurance athlete, cardio shouldn’t make up the bulk of your workout. At first, cardio is great to lose body fat because you can burn so many calories in a single session, but overtime, your body will adapt and try to become more efficient at all the cardio you’re doing. What this means is that as you get in shape, your body will burn less and less calories per session. This will cause a plateau in your weight loss-and also a reduction in your muscle mass, which slows your metabolism.

Why don’t you offer meal plans? 
Where I live, in North Carolina, we have super strict scope of practice laws and since I don’t have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition specifically, it is actually illegal for me to offer meal plans- even with nutrition certifications. However, I’m more than happy to speak with you on nutrition during your program and highly encourage a healthy eating lifestyle! I’m incredibly passionate about nutrition and believe food truly is our best source of medicine!

I don’t want to lift weights because I’m afraid of getting too bulky.
You will NOT get bulky! The women who you see as “bulky” actually work incredibly hard with specific workout routines, meal plans, and supplements to achieve that muscle mass! The strength training plan I will give you will be less intense, yet give you that lean, toned physique you’re looking to build.

I really just want to lose my belly fat. Can I just do ab workouts?
You cannot just lose weight in one area, or “spot train.” When you lift weights, your metabolism will increase and burn fat over your whole body. Each time you train a specific muscle group, you’re increasing relative strength in that area and will build the muscle.